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The Body Parts Of God!!


Inspired by the most DYNAMIC writer and teacher of this day and time, Dr. Malachi Z. York

Authored by the Student Teacher: Kayti – Sent Hotep

This CLASSIC scroll asks all religious schools of thought that our people of African descent have been attracted to, namely Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in their many forms, about their God or Deity’s physicality. From the feet to the face of God, scriptures have spoken of beings with IMAGE, while the leaders of the majority of these dogmas would have people believe that God and Angels are merely SPIRITUAL with no physicality. Is this true, according to the scriptures?

Journey with Right Knowledge on the mental path of facts that makes your way clear; through the misinformation of religious indoctrination.

“Don’t believe me, check it out!” (Dr. Malachi Z. York)


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